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About Me

Wife, Momma, home educator, adoption advocate, naturalist, artist, photographer & Christ follower.


Hey there! My name is Jessica Duke and I am passionate about showing others God's incredible creation through nature exploration, adventuring, illustration, journalling, art and poetry. 

 I am an artist based in central Wisconsin that is passionate about uncovering the artist that IS in every single child.  Currently I travel the United States teaching art intensives to groups of children.  What is an art intensive?  An art intensive spans over three days and I am able to spend un-rushed dedicated time teaching them how to draw what they see and not what they think it should be. They are taught not only how to draw but I am able to witness many young artists gain confidence, skills and understanding. It is incredible to see what my students can create in three days with quiet, calm, and affirming instruction and an open creative heart!    Watching the inner artist in children blossom gives me unspeakable joy.  I enjoy the transformation in students who start with an attitude of "I am no good", but by the end of our class are astonished at themselves, exclaiming "I can't believe I made this!"

Watching them show their parents their finished pieces with hearts filled with accomplishment and pride is something that reaches far beyond drawing skill. 

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