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Three Day Art Intensive - Florida Edition!

Last week my son Beckett and I were able to travel to Panama Beach, Florida to teach a 3 day intensive class. It was a wonderful experience being able to spend so much un-rushed dedicated time teaching what I love. I was able to watch many young artists gain confidence, skills and understanding. It was incredible to see what they created in three days with quiet, calm, and affirming instruction and an open creative heart!

This is what the schedule looked like for the Florida three day art intensive-->

Day 1

Upside down drawing

Negative space chair drawing

8:30-10:00 Class 1

10:30-12:30 Class 2

1:00 - 3:00 Class 3

In this class we will work on seeing things differently. We work on shifting from left brain to right brain thinking. This is probably the hardest class for most students to begin with but typically by the end they are really seeing!

Day 2 -

Drawing birds in basic shapes and blocking in hard subjects to make proportions realistic

Adding fine details

8:30-10:00 Class 1

10:30-12:30 Class 2

1:00 - 3:00 Class 3

6:00-8:00 - Parent roundtable talks

-art and nature instruction

-achievable goal setting and strategy

-troubleshooting problems

In this class I will teach students how to block in a bird with basic shapes in the right proportions which is key in making drawings look realistic. I have a special technique that really help students see shapes instead of just details.

Day 3 -

Detailed nature journal entry through drawings, words and numbers

8:30-10:00 Class 1

10:30-12:30 Class 2

1:00 - 3:00 Class 3

In this class your child should have the skills and confidence to make a complete nature journaling page! I will help your child process their observations by having them verbally narrate what they observe and I will dictate for them.

* I am liberal with praise and positive and sensitive in critiques. I believe in quiet, calm, and affirming instruction. Instead of "Yikes, it looks like we need to work on this part." It sounds more like, "I really like how you noticed the highlight in the eye, I love you captured that in your drawing. With your finger can you show me which way the beak is pointing? Let's try and put your finger on your paper in the same direction. Oh you see it? The beak is angled this way! Great observations! Can you try and capture that in your drawing?"

If you are interested in 3 day Art Intensive for your co-op, family, friend group, etc please reach out. Classes do have cap limits but spread out among families it is very affordable. Prices are dependent on a lot of different factors so contact me for a custom quote. Ranges could go from $65-$100+ per child depending on class sizes. That is for THREE days of dedicated tuned in specialized education! Please email or text 715-551-7401

Enjoy some before and afters! They all worked so hard and were impressed with what they were able to create!

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