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Don't Strive for Perfection in your Nature Journal Entries

Hello Nature Journalers! Coming to you today with a short and sweet message. Your nature journal entries do NOT need to be perfect.

Words can be spelled wrong.

Wrong colors can be used.

There can be no colors.

There can be no drawings.

There can be no words.

You can have a big paint splotch in the middle.

You can draw the feet unproportionately large

You can make completely inaccurate conclusions

You can draw for hours in the field and still not get it right

You can actually scribble a rough outline and call it good

You don't need a watercolor journal to start

You don't need a sketchbook at all

You don't need all the latest and most fancy supplies

You can take a picture and finish at home

You can look up a picture online and never go outside

You can make a voice memo in your phone

You can just relax and not DO anything

You don't need to make it big online

You can chase your children the whole time

You can help your (fill in the blank) draw and not even crack your own notebook open

You can take a video on your phone to look at later.

Your drawings can be really bad

You can have a second chance







Ps) I have done ALL of these!!

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